okay so my chest hurts again and i’m panicky so no time for tumbling tonight either. fuck everything. also i had a dance class today and the dance teacher said — not to me specifically, but to all of us — that, well, “if you can’t keep your legs straight, you might as well go home and eat”, which i’m 80% sure was a joke but fuck if it didn’t make me feel like shit. and there were mirrors everywhere and then i cried later because god i looked disgusting. blehhh.

  1. monsterfancy said: babes, you’re gorgeous
  2. archiveciararemade said: Venlaaaaaaaaa I love you so much okay and I know I’ve never seen your face but I know you’re beautiful because you’re beautiful on the inside and just *hugs*
  3. visceralpayne said: ugh. *hugs* i am always here if you need me. i love you
  4. markzuckerbitch said: you are beautiful and i love you :)
  5. angryzilla said: *hugs tightly* I love you. Will text you rn <3
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